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A Sampling of Articles, Reviews, & Scholarly Papers On Various Subjects from the Main Website

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The SciTech Creed.  A new religion has swept over America and is reaching out to engulf the rest of the world. Find out if you might be a part of it.

The Simpies. You've heard of hippies, yippies, and yuppies. These people are SIMPIES—"Single Issue Militant Partisans." Could They Be the Greatest Danger America Has Ever Faced?

What's the Dirtiest Word in the World??? The vilest & slimiest word in all languages & cultures and ages! The sleaziest & the coarsest...!

Sexuality & Sensuality

How Do I Lust For Thee?  Let Me Count the Ways? The Ultimate Insight into the Lewinsky Story, Published by the New York Times At the Height of the Scandal.

The First Ever Article Proposing the Creation of Sexual Olympic Games. published in London's IT at the Height of the Suxties and reprinted in many other outlets.

Twenty-Two Sexes Aren't Enough. A non-scientific and light-hearted attempt to describe and loosely categorize the many sexual types displayed by human animals in the course of their lifetimes. Published in the Dutch-English underground paper SUCK, 1968.

AE—Artificial Eroticism. The true account of experiments by a truly great AI Pioneer, in which the author played a small but important role. Widely available on the Internet since 1990.

More Scholarly Pieces, Though Still with a Sexual Bent

Goat-Singers and Scholars.   A piece about Greek Satyr Plays, their Connection to Tragedy, and the Campaign by ScholarsTo Overlook this Connection. New American Review, 1969. 

Is there a Universal Theory of Sexuality? A Book Review commissioned by The Journal of Sex Research, examining a well-researched and provocative explanation of human sexual behavior. This piece stems from a period when the author and his wife were presenting workshops on Taoist and Tantric Sexuality to the general public and to scientific societies.


Chinese Medicine  

The Challenge of Translating Chinese Medicine. This interview with the author reveals much about both the Chinese language and Chinese medicine and shows how problems in translating this difficult subject have slowed down wider public understanding of its principles. Published by Language Monthly, April, 1987.

 Language & Linguistics

The Language Contest. A parable about all the languages of the world and which one is truly "best." Published by Language Monthly.

Some Images and Analogies for the Process of  Translation. A piece attempting to explain what translators do in terms of well-known devices and processes. Published in Volume V of the ATA Scholarly Series, 1991.

Inside the Mind of a Mainstream Linguist.  Using the latest MRI, CAT, and ultrasound imaging technqies, this view provides a remarkably accurate projection of how so many linguists today see the world.

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